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Security Solutions

Multi-layered security for the shifting threat environment

Security by obscurity is not security at all.

Being small will not keep your business safe.

Small and Medium Businesses are targeted by hackers just as often as corporations.

Hackers know that the typical SMB cannot withstand a major business disruption, yet most are not properly prepared to recover from a virus, crypto or other disaster. This makes SMBs prime targets for ransomware attacks.

Perimeter Firewalling

Is your internet connection a hacker super-highway right to your front door? Keeping hackers as far away from your network as possible is the first line of defense. Many of Knight’s managed internet services have next-generation firewalling built right in.

Firewall as a Service

Modern firewalls aren’t “set and forget” devices. They require maintenance, monitoring and updating to ensure they keep up with the changing nature of cyber-attacks. Knight’s Barracuda Cloud Gen Firewall Service gives you the firewall hardware, software and support you need to keep your firewall always up to date.

Next-Gen / Cloud Gen Firewalls

If your on-premise firewall is more than five years old, odds are it isn’t a next-gen / cloud-gen firewall. What’s the difference? A traditional firewall protects against known threats. A next-gen / cloud-gen firewall goes further, examining websites, links and messages for hacker tricks such like spoofed addresses and redirects.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection is a multi-layered approach that combines a massive, global threat signature database with behavioural and heuristic analysis and static code analysis to identify and diagnosis potential threats. Finally, files that cannot be conclusively analyzed are safely “detonated” in a CPU emulation sandbox.

Hackers love human nature.

Our impulse to respond to messages, click links and open attachments may be the hackers’ greatest weapon.


of cyber attacks start with an email

Email Filtering

Email based cyber-attacks are designed specifically to evade firewall security. Instead of simply sending you a virus, hackers love to use techniques such as typo squatting, address spoofing and url redirection that trick users into downloading malware. Your business can be just one false click away from really big trouble. Keep the hackers out of your inbox with Barracuda Email Essentials, available for both Exchange and Office 365 email.


Up-to-date antivirus is security 101. No device in your organization should be without it. Period.

39% of corporate IT professionals estimate recovering from a successful ransomware attack would take up to a few weeks…..

For small and medium businesses, that’s not good enough.


Why is backup a security solution?

Because no firewall, filter or antivirus can protect against 100% of cyber-attacks. And because not all threats come from the internet. Your business also needs protection again physical disaster, human error, and internal maliciousness. When things go completely wrong, you need to know that you have multiple ways to recover and many points to recover from. We’ll help your business develop a backup strategy aligned to your realistic downtime tolerances and data recovery objectives.

On-Line/On-Premises Backup

For quick recovery from minor issues and human error.

Off-Site Replications & Cloud Backup

Protect your backups against physical disaster.

Off-Line Backup & Archiving

A final point of recovery from significant data corruption and data encryption that can effect online backups.

Don’t assume your on-line systems are backed up.

Cloud solutions like Azure server, Office 365 and Exchange Online give you great hardware redundancy and uptime guarantees, but hardware failure is only one of the dangers to your data. Your business still needs protection against malicious activity and human error. For every place you store your data, you need to know how often backups are taken, how long are those backups kept, and how hard it will be to recover a file or your whole system.

The right amount of IT support. No waste. No fluff. No kidding.