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Network Support

What if your support provider actually asked you what’s important for your business?

Are you getting enough from your IT provider?

Or are you paying for too much?

You might find the Knight approach just right.

Managed IT

You’re not in IT, but it’s still your network.
You’ve invested a lot in it; you’ve got a lot riding on it. You know which technology benefits matter to you and to your business.

Flexibility & choice.
Some basics are critical for the security and reliability of any system. But beyond that, the technologies and services you invest in are really a matter of choice. It’s about what you value and the benefits you want.

Straight forward support.
We all know the truth:
“Included” really means “You already paid for it.”
“Out of scope” means “You can’t have what you thought you bought.”
Neither situation is good.

At Knight, we make our support agreements as straight-forward as possible.
Instead of “including” predefined services, we ask you what you really need and start there. You decide how much support you want and you decide how you want to use it.

Software Licensing

Acquiring and managing software licenses can be complicated and daunting.
Let Knight be your trusted expert. We are a Silver Microsoft Partner certified in Volume Licensing solutions.

Hardware Procurement

Quality hardware matters. Whether your network is fully on-premise, all in the cloud, or a hybrid, your systems and your business rest on hardware. Our job is to help you pick industry leading hardware that fits your needs and can go the distance.

Migrations & Updates

Server migrations aren’t business-as-usual for you… But they are for us. We’ve been deploying servers for 30 years. That’s a lot of migrations. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Your server is still doing its job… so why upgrade now?

Are you hearing about new technologies and wondering what it would take to get those benefits for your business? Maybe you’re wondering about virtualizing or even clouding that new application server you need instead of buying yet another physical box. Let us take a look. Our strategy is to do as much as possible with what you have, and to give you options so you can decide where you want to go from there.

Hackers love out-of-support operating systems! Do we need to say any more?

Your file server is like any other machine. It has moving parts that wear out. Care and maintenance can help you get the most out of your hardware, but eventually all equipment becomes unreliable.

Finding technicians who can work with out-of-date systems is a growing challenge. And once your system is two or more major versions behind current technology, the upgrade path becomes increasingly complex, making migration more disruptive and more expensive. Taking smaller, more frequent steps along the way gives you the benefits of new technologies sooner and helps avoid major rip-and-replace upgrade events.

Slow performance or a lack of storage are signs that a system upgrade may be in order. If your equipment is relatively new, additional investment into what you have may do the trick. But if your equipment is aging or if the extra spend would be significant, it may be worth considering a step-up instead. It just makes sense to explore your options before spending your money.

Worried about downtime? We get that.

No matter what business you’re in, if your server isn’t working, you aren’t working. We have strategies to make your upgrade or migration as painless as possible.

Planned downtime hurts a lot less than unplanned downtime. When you have an emergency, you waste time and money… just to get back to exactly where you were before. When you upgrade before you have trouble, your money buys progress and new benefits for your business. We want you to get the most for your IT money.

Projects we can help you with

  • New server and system implementations

  • Server virtualizations

  • Cloud migrations

  • Hardware upgrades & replacements

  • Operating Systems upgrades

  • Exchange server migrations

  • Physical location moves

The right amount of IT support. No waste. No fluff. No kidding.