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Integrated Voice

Flexible communications for any modern business

With cloud hosted VoIP (Voice over IP), your business phone system extends to any location with internet access and you maintain professional business communications, even when on the road or working from home.

Keep mobile business & personal communications separate, without having to pay for (or carry) a second cell phone.

A remote workforce doesn’t have to include expensive company cell phones or a patchwork of personal phone numbers.

The Web Phone is as convenient as email. Simply sign into your hosted phone account from any device with speakers, a microphone and access to the internet to make and receive calls, chat or SMS message using your business phone number.

The Soft Phone app emulates a traditional desk phone on virtually any Android or Apple cell phone.  Use your business phone number to make and receive calls via your personal device so your personal number remains private.  Use time-of-day routing to automatically set working hours and call handling rules direct calls when you are off so you aren’t interrupted during personal time. 

Once joined to the system, your desk phone can be used from any location with internet access.  Remote workers with wifi capable desk phones can connect via their home internet service.  In case your business’s primary internet service is out, your desk phones can be easily reconnected to any other internet source.

Use time-of-day routing and call handling rules to determine when and how your calls will be routed, and which of your phones (desk, web, softphone) will ring.

Keep your business and personal texts separate by adding SMS capability to your direct business phone numbe

Create the customer call experience you want.

Use the highly flexible auto-attendant, time-of-day configuration options, and easily changeable call queues and routing to connect your customers to the information and people they need.

Maintain control of your own phone system.

Office manager and user portals let you easily manage your cloud phone system online from anywhere, anytime.

Text-to-Speech message creation.

If you don’t enjoy recording your own greetings, you can choose from 11 professional voices to automatically read your voicemail greetings and auto-attendant messages. 

Integrated Voice is a cost effective solution.

  • Eliminates the need for an expensive, on-premises, PBX (private branch exchange)

  • Supports most SIP-compliant phone sets

  • Can be used entirely via Web Phone or Soft Phone clients for situations where a desk phone is not wanted

Two simple licensing plans.

Every Integrated Voice user license is a full-featured, unique extension number with its own discrete voice mailbox and unlimited local and North American long distance calling.  Choose your plan based on your anticipated call volume.


Each user can have an unlimited number of
simultaneous call paths. Every call reaches a user, auto-attendant, call queue, or voice mail. No busy signals.


Specify the total number of simultaneous call paths to be shared across the users in your organization. This option works well for organizations with lighter call volumes.

Ask your Knight representative for pricing.

Integrated Voice, powered by UnitedCloud

UnitedCloud is a leading cloud communications provider, distributing its turnkey solutions throughout North America through an exceptional partner network.  UnitedCloud is headquartered in Alberta, with offices in Calgary and Montreal, and datacentres in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal.

The right amount of IT support. No waste. No fluff. No kidding.