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Cloud & Internet

Greater Security, Less Aggravation

Do you dread calling the big telco or cable company for help with an internet issue?

You don’t have to with Knight’s Managed Internet Service.

Knight offers cable, DSL and fibre internet connections, all managed and supported by Knight. We deal with the cable company or telco so you don’t have to. Plus, many of Knight’s Managed Internet Services have next-generation perimeter firewalling built right in, so your first layer of protection is as far away from your network as possible

Private Cloud Hosting

Are industry regulations keeping your business from the benefits of cloud computing? If your business requires that your data remain in Canada or even specifically in Alberta, Knight can help. Knight’s private data centre is in Calgary – so you will know always where your data is stored.

Microsoft Cloud Hosting

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s infrastructure-as-a-service cloud platform. This is entirely different from traditional network architectures. With Azure, the operating system and hardware are all part of Microsoft’s cloud and you are typically charged on a pay-as-you-use basis. It’s a big change, and a big decision. At Knight, we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of all your infrastructure options.

Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Office 365 is more than just Microsoft’s latest version of the Office application suite. With O365 your business can access cloud services such as Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and OndDrive, and also unique business tools such as Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Bookings. There are many Office 365 plans to choose from – let Knight help you figure out which is right for you.

Cloud Backup & Server Replication

Backup to Cloud is a great addition to your backup regime. It’s a convenient way to get a backup off-site and to protect your data against physical disasters. But there’s more to consider than just convenience.

  • Don’t let Cloud Backup be your only backup. Have you ever tried to recover a file from your cloud backup? How about an entire system? You might find this much slower than you imagined. With Knight’s local data centre, large amounts of data can be retrieved far more quickly than from across the internet.

  • Instead, your cloud backup should be a replication of your onsite backup system. The cloud should be your second point of recovery, not your first.

  • If your data is already in the cloud, don’t assume it is being backed up. Cloud solutions give you great hardware redundancy and uptime guarantees, but that doesn’t protect you from data loss or corruption.

When things go completely wrong, you need to know that you have multiple ways to recover and many points to recover from. At Knight, we’ll help your business develop a backup strategy aligned to your realistic downtime tolerances and data recovery objective.

The right amount of IT support. No waste. No kidding.